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middle school education for an evolving world

Daily Schedule


The days at Embark Education are rarely alike and don’t follow a traditional schedule based on arbitrary blocks of time. Instead they sync with the ebb and flow of the student’s projects and research and are guided by our education team who are leveraging the constant and natural learning opportunities within our environments to integrate education in a relevant and meaningful way. Embark Education has a daily schedule built around student needs and learning, not periods and because of this, every week looks different. Below is an example of how the flow of a week might look at Embark Education.

Start and end time


The adolescent brain is on a different schedule than the adult brain and current research supports a later start time, so our official school day begins at 9:00am with an all “Community Meeting.” This is our time to discuss projects, share updates and strengthen our overall community. The official school day ends at 3:00pm with our “Community Reflection.”

However, the learning hub and our education team are open and available by 8am and until 4pm to allow for flexible arrival and departure and give time in the day for work.

To learn more about Embark Educations approach to the core disciplines and content areas that form the backbone to our student learning experience, check out the Academics Page

happiness and success depend on the cultivation of social, emotional and relational learning as much, if not more than technical knowledge


embark education is not just academics…

We are deeply invested in the entirety of students and believe they are more than just receptacles to be filled with knowledge and skills. Each student who walks through our door is recognized as a unique human with their own social-emotional wellbeing, hopes and backstory. Our job as educators is to nurture the development of the entire adolescent.

Embark Education challenges students (and the adults who work with them) to show-up as their complete and authentic selves each day.  In this way, we work together as a learning community to become more aware of our individual and community identities, develop emotional intelligence, and practice radical empathy. The ultimate goal of this work is to promote each individuals’ self-knowledge, therefore improving their ability to regulate emotions, develop healthy relationships, and agency.