re-imagined learning for an evolving world

Our Vision

Embark Education is an independent micro-school for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Middle school is a crucial time in education when schools need to look, feel and behave differently.

Learning at Embark is embedded into two North Denver businesses, Pinwheel Coffee and Framework Cycles, which grounds students’ academics in real-world situations. Our students benefit from a truly integrated curriculum in which math, english, science, and history are artfully woven together so that no content or skill is learned in isolation. We are a learner centered school in which students are able to capitalize on their strengths, while also receiving the guidance needed to meet their academic, social and emotional needs. By embedding our learning in real-world concerns, Embark students are never left asking; “Why am I learning this?”

The academics will be rigorous, but relevant to the work in these real world operations. For example, researching world history, geography and climate is a part of ordering and understanding where the beans for the coffee shop are sourced. Physics experiments are interlaced with repairing bike gears, etc.

The environment is centered to support social development, the interpersonal growth and the questions adolescent students have around “who am I?” and “where do I fit into this world?” The days at Embark Education are rarely alike and don’t follow a traditional schedule based on arbitrary blocks of time. Instead our students' schedules sync with the ebb and flow of the student’s projects and research and are guided by our education team who are leveraging the constant and natural learning opportunities within our environments to integrate education in a relevant and meaningful way.

While much of the academic experiences are integrated into the operations of the coffee and bike shops, the learning at Embark Education transcends the walls of our buildings. When learning opportunities, curriculum and environment intersect in a meaningful way students will be set up to succeed in high school and beyond.

We know this is a big task, but is also why a new approach is key.

how can we human better?

Embark exists to give young people a space focused on giving them the concrete tools and skills to answer this essential question.

We begin this at Embark by inviting the students to see themselves as a fundamental partner in their own educational experience as well as the entire environment around them at school. The shop operations, the school itself, each are impacted and the responsibility of our students.

This level of trust, faith and respect may not be common, but students rise because of it.