Education Team

We are not traditional teachers and even our use of the title “Educator” is only relevant if you go to the Latin root “Educo,” meaning to draw out from what is already inside. The micro-school is a student centered learning environment and the role of our educator team is to cultivate the environment where deep learning and exploration can occur. The education team is made up of dynamic individuals, steeped in understanding youth development, passionate about working with and alongside adolescents, and able to give students real leadership while still being committed to measurable academics.


Miguel Gonzalez

Director of School


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Rusty Rohde



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Enterprise Team

Our shop leaders have a primary focus on what we call “putting bumpers on the bowling alley” of the operations. We are committed to developing student leaders, ownership and agency. That also means real world cause and affect with choices and actions of our student leaders, but within a framework that allows the businesses to continue to sustain and support the education experience.


Joe Fulkerson

Retail Shop Operations Manager

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Dot Williams

Coffee Shop Assistant Manager

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Jake Covert

Bike Shop Assistant Manager

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Eli Cheung

Henry Hitch

Kallie Klein

Itzel Macias

Sydney Oats

Josh Taylor

Maya Williams


Support Team

Embark Education is supported by Great Work, Inc. A Colorado based non-profit organization dedicated to asking the simple but powerful question of “how can we human better?” The GWI team is made up of educators, teacher trainers and innovators.


Brian Sense
Executive Director

Robin Miller
Education Resource Center Director

Jack Yu
Primary Teacher Trainer

Barb Minervini
Office Administrator

Erin Breen
Montessori Adolescent Director

Michael Waski
Math Institute Director

Zach Krenn
Graphic Design & Social Media Manager

Ryan Wimmer

David Kahn
Pedagogical Advisor